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Self Care Tips

2020, it's been a very make or break year for many, myself included. This has been a year of great trials and tribulations of biblical proportions. No more explanation needed- it's been rough! Having a self care regimen may be more important now than it ever has been. In fact having a self care regimen in these times may be key to your survival! Sometimes as women and moms we think that self care is selfish. We are so used to caring for others that when it comes to caring for ourselves we don't think we have the time for it or don't believe deeply enough that we deserve it so we don't prioritize our well being.

This is a great fallacy that caring for ourselves somehow diminishes our ability to care for those around us. When in fact it's quite the opposite. The saying goes you can not pour from an empty cup and at the same time you can not care for others if you don't take care of yourself first. I'm no self care expert but I do make sure to practice it even with three kids and running a business. I even started a monthly women's self care group for my mom friends and I. So we make sure we get at least one day in a month to think of ourselves with no one yelling Mama at us while asking for their 93rd cup of water. So without further ado here are my 7 simple self care tips for mommas or anyone in this time that you can practice daily without too much hassle.

  1. Gratitude Journal: I always keep a gratitude journal and every morning when I wake up before I get my day going I try to write a full page in my journal of what I am grateful for. I will write everything from the major to the miniscule details so that I can take stalk of all the blessings in my life. For example I might say "I am thankful for food, shelter, and water." or I might also say "I am thankful my husband did the dishes and I didn't have to," Again something grand like "I am thankful for Mama Earth and all that she provides" or something little like "I am glad I got to go on a one on one hike with just one of my daughters and we got some alone time." The point is to be grateful for it all because every day we wake up is a blessing. If you start your morning with gratitude it will change the perspective of your day!

  2. Exercise: I try to get up early every day and do some form of exercise whether it's yoga, stretching, stationary bike, a work out video, hiking, etc. Just get moving, move your body in some type of way first thing in the morning. It will make you feel happier, get those endorphins going, make you have a more positive outlook on the day.

  3. Deep breaths & release: After I complete exercising I usually end up in child's pose and I pray. Once this is complete I come up to cat's pose and I do a breath exercise. In this exercise I round my back up, take a deep breath in, and I say in my head "I breathe in ______" then I release my back, body, and breath & say "I release ______," Now what are those blanks? They are opposites of each other. For example if I breathe in "positivity" then I release "negativity." If I breathe in "happiness" then I release "sorrow" or I breathe in "abundance" & release "scarcity,"

  4. Positive affirmations: I say positive affirmations to myself every day. This is something you can literally do ANYWHERE or at any time! You can say it while exercising- I do, while driving, while doing dishes, cooking, say it with your kids, just start saying them... I am Beautiful, I am strong, I am smart, I am kind, I am creative, etc. I have many videos up right now on my Patreon of us saying positive affirmations to ourselves if you need examples. We are whatever we say we are.

  5. Go Outside: Yes that's right just get outside every day. Be in the sunshine, get some vitamin D, get some fresh air, breathe in, breathe out, be outside. Being outside has so many health benefits but especially it boosts your mood. I have a whole previous blog post on the specific health benefits of getting outside. Go hike in the woods, go sit in the park, go on your porch or balcony and soak up the sun.

  6. Be Healthy: As much as you can, where you can make an effort to make healthier choices. Eat as much organic fruits and veggies as possible, drink plenty of water, take your herbs, take your elderberry, take your seamoss & soursop, be healthy as you can. Cut out meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, sugary juices, etc. Shop at your local Farmers Markets and stock up for the week.

  7. Make "Me Time" a priority: Do something once a week that is just for you and make it a priority! Whether it's taking a bath, taking a hike to yourself, making time to see your friends, going out on a date with your significant other, going and getting your nails done, etc. Make a list of things that make you feel good and happy and try to do one of those things without your kids once a week. I have a standing appointment with my circle of mom friends once a month for a self care day where we get together without the kids and do something for ourselves & it's great! It refills my cup and gives me a much needed break. I also try to take a bath once a week, even if it's just 20 minutes- it's time well spent.

*Hope these help. I will have a breath tutorial up on my Patreon tomorrow for an example of what #3 is plus positive affirmations the day after that. Follow me on Patreon Bay Explorer or IG @bay_explorer for more frequent updates.


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