Creative Explorers Daycare

Hi, my name is Mary Franklin, I am the creative mind behind Bay I also run my own in-home daycare in San Leandro called Creative Explorers Daycare. If you or someone you know is looking for daycare for their children ages 1-5 years old please read on and feel free to reach out to me. 








I have been working with children for 20 years. I worked for 13 years as a preschool teacher, 5 years as a nanny, and have had my in-home daycare open for 3 years. I have my B.A. in Early Childhood Education and my M.A. in Educational Leadership. I am CPR/ First Aid certified. I have a state license for a small family daycare.






Creative Explorers Daycare is now enrolling for part time positions. We specialize in part time care as all families have different needs. This innovative home daycare focuses on nurturing kind, creative, adventurous explorers. We emphasize creating community, protecting Mother Earth, social justice, empathy, healthy habits, and knowledge of self. There are weekly gardening, cooking, art, science, and exercise activities. We take weekly field trips to many Bay Area destinations that are on my website Every day we have a schedule that includes circle time, free play, organic healthy snacks, nap time, outdoor time, and featured daily activities.







I am located in San Leandro at the 150th St. exit, just off the 580 freeway. So it makes for easy on/off freeway access. Our house has a playroom divided into different areas for dramatic play, reading, music, and so on. We have a big backyard with a newly updated play structure, swings, slides, trampoline, a play house, picnic bench, garden, and water table.







If you are interested in daycare services please feel free to reach out with any questions. I am also happy set up a tour if  you are interested in seeing the property.

I can provide excellent references, rates, hours, mission statement, and our parent handbook upon request. For any further questions, requests, or to set up a tour please contact me at

"Mary is just about the best and most ideal caretaker one could ask for...what more can I say? And I mean it.

We were so lucky to find Mary. I did a lot of searching for the right caretaker and I guess I had really high standards because we worked with a handful of people before finding Mary. When I started the search, I had some ideas for what I wanted from a caretaker, but with each of those people something revealed it self to be lacking—from they cancelled without enough notice, were regularly late, they didn’t communicate well enough with us, they didn’t quite know how to engage our kid at his developmental stage or didn’t quite know how to take care of his basic needs such as eating, diapering, sleeping or his emotional needs. I was so glad I didn’t just settle with any of those previous people because then I wouldn’t have known what good care was. I wouldn’t have known what it was like to not worry about my kid during the day or wonder if he was doing alright. Now I could just do my work and pick up a happy child at the end of the day.

Mary brings all those important qualities together: good communication, a profound understanding for the needs of children, loving and fun care, and professionalism. I knew it was meant to be when our kid even slept better at her place than he did with us.

She was more than flexible with us yet had good boundaries. They were clear and soft for both me as the parent and our 20 month old. She knows how to engage our kid so that he was having fun and learning and didn’t miss his parents too much. Every day when I would pick him up, he would let me know he had such a great day and loved Mary and Ayala so much. He always looked forward to going back-which certainly wasn’t the case for some others.

Mary always had a well rounded structured day-outdoor play, art, water play, indoor play, books-and the days often had themes so the kids could really dive into the learning piece. Mary kept me informed that our kid was doing well and sent pictures of their activities.

All in all, if you’re lucky enough to find Mary, she definitely meets the gold standard."


-Esther Healey (mom of former student)