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My vision is to inspire families of all backgrounds to explore, be present, and have fun with their children in the Bay Area.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium is back open - woo hoo!!! For the past two weeks it’s been open only to members, Saturday it opened to the public. We had the pleasure of going on the last members day and it felt so exciting to be back.

You have to reserve tickets online. No over the phone or in-person walk in's. It's also pretty booked up for the current amount of tickets, so even if you want to go next weekend you may not get a date right away.

Tip: I’d try getting tickets late at night or some odd time of the day because so many people are trying to get back to the aquarium the system gets backed up. One of the workers told my mom 40,000 people bought tickets on opening day. Tickets are $49.95 per adult, $39.95 youth & elders, $34.95 kids, under 5 is FREE! I’m sorry I don’t have any ways you can get in for cheaper right now. Because they lost a year of revenue they aren’t doing their normal programs. But if you have a non profit org. or group for underprivileged youth you can email & apply for the Free to Learn Program.

It’s actually nice going with it being less people. It used to be really crowded! It was much easier to see the otters playing, without the excessive crowds. Exhibits are easier to see & get to. The staff are really nice & seemingly happy to have people back, they were really engaging. We are happy to say that the touch pools & the bat ray pool are both open for hands on exhibits. Unfortunately both of the kids play areas are gone. I don’t know if there are plans to bring them back or if they’re redesigning the areas.

The aquarium is open daily 10-5pm, the first hour is for members every day of the week. Weekends are of course gonna be more crowded than week days. The aquarium is so big though, with less numbers it doesn't feel crowded at all. So much Other things to do in Monterey while you’re there:

-Walk around Foam St. there’s a ton of restaurants, novelty & candy stores, & activities as well (Like a mirror maze & escape room).

-For good vegan food visit El Cantaro Vegan Mexican food restaurant. It’s 2 blocks from the aquarium. Try their potato tacos!

-Rent a kayak or bikes at Adventures by the sea. -Walk around Lovers Point & climb the big rocks there.

-Play at Dennis the Menace Park.

-Visit the Ocean at Asilomar Beach. -Go in the 17 mile drive with a stop at Pebble Beach. We‘re really happy to be back at the aquarium- We missed it so much!


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