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Why we should ALL be going outside

Why we should ALL be going outside- I never thought saying a statement like this would be so controversial. It's crazy how much things have changed from this time last year until now. It's sad, it's scary, there's a lot of fear of being out, there's fear of traveling, there's fear of basically everything right now. We are constantly being pumped with fear in the news, media, politicians, companies, highway signs- everyone is telling us to stay inside and stay safe.

What I don't hear a lot of talk about in a time when everyone is so busy talking about not getting sick is how to booster our immune system. We spend so much time worrying about catching this virus and hiding in place that we are forgetting self care IS the best preventative!

I'm no expert, I am not saying that I am, but facts are facts. I'm not stating anything new just going to be sharing what I know. I have a strong belief in self care, I make as much time as possible to be in nature, and I get my kids outside for sunshine and fresh air daily. Now let me share with you what I know for sure...

Benefits of going outside:

Sunshine: Quite contrary to popular belief the sun is good for us! The sun provides vitamin D which we all need, but especially if you have melanin. The vitamin D activates your melanin. Vitamin D also improves your immune system. Being in the sunshine during the day also helps you sleep better at night, and couldn't we all use some good rest right now? The natural light of the sun boosts your mood naturally, increases happiness, and improves overall well being. Sunlight is a natural anti-depressant basically. Have you ever been inside for a long time and then you go outside in the sunshine & feel almost instantly better? Yeah, that's the sun giving you life- Thank you sunshine!

Fresh air: Fresh air is hard to come by in the cities around the world these days, but what is even more toxic is breathing in the same air recirculating throughout your house all day. So first open your windows! Next get out of the city and find some nature- it's super easy to find nature all around the East Bay from Oakland to S.F. check out my 'Outdoors' tab and get some fresh air. Benefits of fresh air include being great for your digestive system, improves your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, gives you more energy, a clearer and sharper mind, & makes you happy! Plus it cleans your lungs & aren't we all concerned with keeping our lungs healthy right now?

Nature: Now I always say this and I really mean this- Nature is the key to ALL healing! It is, it truly is! There are so many benefits of being in nature I can't list them all but here are some: it improves cognition, thinking, focus, decreases anxiety, increases creativity, stimulates imagination, improves memory, decreases anger, boosts confidence, reduces the risk of heart disease, is good for your bones, increases energy levels, promotes muscle development, builds character, increases appreciation and empathy for the environment, and boosts your immune system! Whoa- spending time in nature does all this? And so much more! When I go into nature I always feel more spiritually connected. It's a good time to clear your head, sift through your thoughts, and pray. Connect to your higher power through nature.

So if there are soooo many health benefits to being in nature why oh why are we not talking about this during this pandemic? It perplexes me to a point but deep down I know the answer. Unpopular opinion: the government is not trying to help us get better, they are benefiting from making us live in fear. I said what I said, you can agree or not. Now let's make this the new conversation- why we should all be going outside! We should, yes right now even in the pandemic. In fact we need to be outside more so now than ever because we need the physical and mental health benefits being outside provides to us right now.

I will write a separate article on self care as a whole, but here are a few quick tips for families so we can all be taking better care of ourselves in this time.

Other natural tips for boosting your family's immune systems:

  • Eat Healthy- put life into your body, not death. Eats lots of fruits and veggies include them in every meal.

  • Drink water- get rid of the sugary drinks juices and sodas. Consume mainly water or fresh squeezed juice.

  • Exercise daily- whether its walking, hiking, biking, running, playing, jumping, dancing, scootering, playing catch, soccer, whatever.

  • Elderberry- Give your kids elderberry it has so many immune boosting powers. We as a family take elderberry every day. It works miracles.

  • Seamoss: If you can get your kids to take this the health benefits are amazing. I can

sometimes get it in their smoothies. *The gel tastes less fishy than the powder. I personally take the pills every day.

  • Herbs- mix tons of beneficial herbs in everything you cook. Different herbs have different benefits and you wanna get them all!

This list is not all inclusive but it's a start. Start where you can. Now Get away from your TV, Get outside, and get exploring (safely) =-)


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