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Water World California


  • Location: 1950 Waterworld Parkway Concord, CA 94520

  • Website:

  • Phone: 925-609-1364

  • Pricing: $$$

  • Hours: Varies by month, check website for details


Description: Waterworld is located in Concord, which gets really hot in the summertime- which is good because the water here is really cold! But it is really fun! It is best to take your children here when they reach the magical height of 48 inches. 48 Inches means they can ride everything at pretty much any theme park. There are some fun attractions to take your youngest ones to like a wading pool with water guns, slides, and a see saw. But if they are under 48 inches you will be watching all the big fun rides from the sidelines wondering why you just paid $40 a pop to get in to a wade pool! You can also take younger children in the lazy river which is a big loop shaped pool that takes you around it by its current. If your kids do reach that magical height- you will have so much fun and laughs with them as you go down crazy scary slides together! You will scream together and laugh after you scream! Me and my family love going down the big funnel looking slide together- we scream and laugh til our sides hurt!


Highlights: My daughter loves the wave pool! You can swim in it or laze in it. Every ten minutes or so they turn on the waves which make for fun and giggles if you are riding on an inner tube. It is fun to play chase in the waves or try and hold on to each other as the waves try to rip you apart.


Tips: Get there early or late- it is super crowded in the middle of the day in Summer. Better yet take a day off and go during the week! You'll have so much more fun the less you have to wait in lines in the blazing sun. Also bring a lunch- you can eat in a picnic area- their food is anything less than spectacular! Don't forget sunscreen, towels , and flip flops!

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