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Urban Adamah

  • Location: 1151 6th St. Berkeley, CA 94710

  • Phone: 510-649-1595

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours:  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Open only on weekends for special events check their calendar

Description: Urban Adamah (which means earth in Hebrew) is an urban farm located on 6th street in Berkeley. The farm practices sustainable agriculture, runs Summer camps for kids, has family farm days, and holds events like Jewish holidays there. Urban Adamah will always have a special place in my heart though, even though they may not know it. Because at its previous location on 10th street in Berkeley, the preschool I used to work at used to be right across the street. That was the first field trip that I took my preschoolers on and they had such an awesome time there, as did we this past visit. First off I want to say the staff has consistently been warm, welcoming, and inviting. Always happy to answer any question a child may have. I had not been to their new location until recently when I took three little girls to their Sprouts family farm day. Sprouts farm day is a chance for families to join the workers on the farm in helping with whatever needs to be taken care of. My baby had fun feeding the goats the weeds that I weeded out of the garden. The goats think it is a tasty treat and the garden gets weeded- win/ win! While my youngest spent time with the goats my older daughter and her friend helped used big shovels and picks to help dig holes for trees to be planted in. After a little while we switched stations and my girls were instructed to gather soil from a certain pile and take it to a new garden bed that was going to be planted. The girls were so into what they were doing that they came up with a whole assembly line. They filled about 20 empty flower pots to the brim with soil and then when they filled them all up took them one by one to be dumped on the new garden bed, while I refilled the ones that they brought back. Even my youngest was in on the action and just followed their lead. They were having so much fun gardening that they didn't even want to stop when it was snack time. We did eventually convene with everyone else under the community tent in the middle of the garden for snack time. The staff sang songs, read books, and everyone shared in a light healthy meal. A good time was had by all! 

Highlights: I love goats and any opportunity to pet them! My oldest daughter who is very tactile loved sinking her hands into the rich soil! 

Tips: Wear clothes and shoes you do not mind getting dirty in! Also you can sign-up online, the spots fill up quickly but I don't think they will turn anyone away either way. 

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