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Tilden Steam Trains

                        Holidays & Special Weekdays 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

                        Spring Break Mar. 30 thru Apr. 3, 2015 Mon. May 25, 2015 for Memorial Day

                        Summer Vacation Mon. thru Fri. 11 - 5 starting June 15, 2015

Description: The Steam Trains are another great feature of Tilden Park. The entrance is very hidden in the hills but there are plenty of signs to guide your way. The Steam trains are fun for little kids and can accomodate your whole family. It is a real train just scaled down to kid-sized. Children who are in to locomotives get super excited to ride a real kid sized train. And isf they don't follow Thomas and friends they will still get the thrill of riding with the wind blowing in their hair! My daughter used to love to ride it. The tunnel is fun and looking over the edge can be a bit scary but is exciting for young ones. The only thing to do in this section is ride the train so you may wanna give it a few go's if the line is not long. But as with everything else going on in Tilden, you can make it a funday by visiting multiple attractions at one time. 

Highlights: Children will be excited to ride the open compartment trains that are just the right size for them. It's the fun of riding a train without actually going anywhere far!

Tips: The parking lot can get crowded but since the train is always coming and going so are the passengers and you can always find a spot if you be patient. Bring layers, even if it is a sunny day the train can get windy!

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