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Tilden Little Farm


Description: You can not live in Berkeley and not visit The Little Farm in your lifetime, it is truly a Berkeley landmark and staple! Free to the public, children get to run around feeding farm animals. Bring your own celery or lettuce (no carrots), and feed those animals to your hearts content- because their bellies never get full! There are big cows with long tongues,  fat-bellied pigs, chickens, bunnies, ducks, and too many goats to count. The farm is a little stinky and very dusty so wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirt on. The Little Farm is central to many exciting walking and hiking trails throughout Tilden, if you are in the mood for some extra vigorous walking. There is also a visitor's center to the left of the farm that has clean bathrooms and more to explore with it's walk-through cave. Also the visitor's center often have snakes that some rangers may take out that children can pet. In the Little farm parking lot there is a small playground that is a fun beginning or end to your farm trip. There are also lots of benches and grass in the parking lot to bring a picnic lunch too. If you are visiting the Little Farm you can easily make a day out of it and visit any of Tilden's many other attractions too, like the merry-go-round, steam trains, botanical gardens, Lake Anza, or just spend some time enjoying nature.


Highlights: Children go crazy for all the farm animals that they are always singing or learning about. It is fun to watch them get so excited about feeding them. The cows are a special treat since their tongues are so long, it usually surprises first time visitors- and it is endearing to see the children squeal with delight as they work up the courage to feed them. Also some of the goats are friendly and will let you pet their heads as they munch on your goods.


Tips: Bring your own celery or lettuce and plenty of it! Those stalks and bunches go through really fast with all the animals ravenous appetites. One time we brought about 15 bunches of celery for three kids and it still went super quickly! You can't really bring too much to feed them plus there are always other children who run out to share with. Also I don't recommend wearing sandals or high heels- the farm is very dusty as well as steep. Wear shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting "farmed up" a little.


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