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Bay Trail San Leandro


Description: The Bay Trail is a 500 mile trail that stretches through 9 counties and 47 cities throughout the Bay Area. There is a particular section that goes through the San Leandro Marina overlooking the glistening Bay, it is a fun spot for a bike ride with children. The trail extends through the park, past both playgrounds, and to the left of mile run. That trail extends past the dog park and keeps on going for what seems like miles. I suspect that it links up with the Bay trail to the Hayward shoreline which is also a nice ride. When we went it was really windy, which it often is near the Marina, it added an extra aspect of strength training as we had to fight to push against the wind to keep ourselves going. My daughter got very tired out by this factor but for me the wind helped keep me cool on an otherwise hot day. After our ride we parked our bikes by the playground and let the children play on the swings and structure. There are dolphins and whales that shoot out water in the Summer that our kids had fun playing in and cooling down in after the intense bike ride.


Highlights: The setting of being right off of the water is really gorgeous. The trail is flat and easy for young riders. The wind threw us off a little bit but we made it!


Tips: Bring food, water, a blanket, and a ball with you so you can enjoy the park afterwards. 

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