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Strawberry Creek Park


Description: Living in Berkeley most of my life I visited a lot of Berkeley Parks growing up but I have to say I hadn't barely been to Strawberry Creek Park more than a time or two and had all but forgot about it until my dad told me to meet him there for a playdate one day. It's actually a little hidden gem of a park tucked away behind many buildings in South Berkeley. The play structure's are old- but kids honestly don't care much about that- they just wanna play! The structure was big and engolfed in a pretty cleanly looking sand box which both of my daughter's ventured in to shoeless. My older daughter's favorite thing was a very older looking slide that was semi steep reaching from the top of a hill down in to the sandbox. She went on it like twenty times in a row- no joke. My one year old ventured on to the smaller slides and got the knack of going down all by herself much to all ofour surprises. The playground is surrounded by lush grass and trees. There are benches and some folks were having a cook out when we went. There are also basketball courts and tennis courts if you bring your sports equipment with you. There were a few other families at the park enough to have some interaction but not too many that the park felt crowded. I was glad to revisit this place and remember that it even existed!


Highlights: The park is very unassuming and is set back from the main streets which is good to not have traffic riding by and sort of feels semi-private. 

Tips: If you live nearby ride your bike here- there were alot of people rolling through in and out on their bikes. 

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