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Strawberry Canyon


Description: If you are looking for a moderate hiking trail in Berkeley, look no further! Strawberry Canyon trail is located up Centennial Drive on your way to The Lawrence Hall of Science, behind the Cal football stadium. This trail gives the perfect sense of quiet, calm, and serene amid a bustling city. There is a parking lot in the front and the trail stretches up a moderate hill. The trail can be challenging depending on how far you go but it is easily conquered. I always stop when it goes off-road, before it gets too challenging! I usually have a child in tow- so I don't push it! The trees and atmosphere are very peaceful. There are always other hikers and dog walkers passing by so you never feel too alone but at the same time it is peaceful enough to let you clear your thoughts. I love taking walks with my children so they can learn to appreciate nature!


Highlights: There is an assortment of activities to do on Centennial Drive. Including swimming at Strawberry Canyon Pool, exploring the Lawrence Hall of Science, and walking the Grounds of the Botanical Gardens. So combine hiking with one of these other attractions and make a day of it- so many  activities in one place all very close together!


Tips: Wear good walking shoes and clothes that you do not mind getting dusty. Also consider making a day of combined activities with the other attractions on Centennial Drive and pack clothes for those as well (I recommend visiting the pool- it is outside and located among the trees, a beautiful place for a swim).


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