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Stow Lake Boat House

  • Location: 50 Stow Lake Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

  • Phone: 415-386-2531

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours: 10a.m.-5p.m.


Description: If you are in the city and looking for something fun to do for the whole family, go visit Golden Gate Park! Golden Gate Park offers a variety of fun things to see and do and you can spend a whole weekend just exploring the park. One of my family's favorite activities in the park is the paddle boating at Stow Lake. There are 3 different types of boats to choose from to get you around the wide loop of the lake. Snacking while you pedal around the lake will get you many duck visitors swimming right up to your boat for a crumb of your food. Along the shore of the lake are many fun sites to see including a great big waterfall, a Japanese tea house, and lots of nature. It's fun for your children to get excited about spotting animals along the way! The navigation takes some getting used to figuring out which way to paddle and so fourth- but it's fun figuring out as a family. You will be yelling at each other to go one way and another, but it's pure comedy! It will pretty much take your family about an hour to get around the lake- and if you are enjoying it like our family you will be laughing the whole way around!


Highlights: The scenery along the shores is beautiful and in certain sections you really feel tucked away in nature. It's great that it is in Golden Gate Park because you can easily go do other activities while you are there and make it a full day out!


Tips: Bring cash for the snack bar. Parking can get crowded so try to get there earlier in the day.

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