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Silliman Aquatic Center

     Non-Summer: Fri: 5:00-8:00 PM, Sat: 12:30- 6:30 PM, Sun: 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM


Description: I was recommended this aquatic center by another mom I was talking to in the park one day and am I really happy she put me on to this place! Silliman Aquatic Center is like the grand daddy of Aquatic Centers. The prices are a little higher than most pools but this is not your average pool. The rates are very reasonable for what they offer, I got my crew of four in for under $25 so still a deal. Now on to what they offer: A lazy river complete with inner tubes, two very tall water slides, a standard size pool for swimming, a splash zone with play structure and slides for little ones, a shallow pool for small swimmers, and a basketball area in the pool- wow! Too much fun! My three kids (ages 11, 7, 2) had sooo much fun! They were hopping all over the place from one activity to the next. I enjoyed the lazy river the most. The traveling current makes it a fun loop ride and my baby felt like she was big time swimming in there because the current was taking her places. My older kids were up and down the water slides, back into the lazy river, over to the Splash zone- everywhere! After two and a half hours here the kids were all sufficiently warn down and ready to go. It is a great place for children to get their energy out, so many options to choose from! I also really liked the fact that they give free swim diapers to children two and under, and also provide free life jackets to those in need of one. 


Highlights: It is much more than just a pool and a really fun place for family recreation. With so many different activities this aquatic center will entice and wear down your little ones. 

Tips: This pool reaches capacity frequently so it is best to get there right when it opens. Also no food or drink is allowed in the facility but the parking lot is right out front so if you bring food you can always venture out to the car to eat. If you do not want to bring your food there is a very reasonably priced food stand in the lobby. 

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