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Roberts Redwood Pool


Description: Now admittedly this is not one of my favorite pools to swim at. Maybe I came on an off day or should have tried again but I didn't have the best experience there. Here are the pros: the swimming is really cheap and affordable and by that I mean $2-$3 swimming- wow what a deal! The pool is located in the beautiful area of Roberts Redwood Park and is surrounded by tell trees and lots of nature. There is a huge grassy area to lay blankets out in and bask in the sun on. They have free life vests you can borrow for young swimmers. Cons: The lifeguards were sort of annoying and bossy, me and my girls were yelled at multiple times and asked to get out twice. There is a swim break every hour, so every single hour you are asked to get out of the pool for 15 minutes. It is a lot of in and out and gets irritating. Lastly it was really crowded the day we went and we went on a week day. I could barely move around the pool without getting kicked in the face. It wasn't my favorite experience swimming. Also there were a lot of rules that the lifeguards were enforcing which gave them the sense of being annoying. Like no piggy back riding in the pool, no splashing each other, no taking little kids in the slightly deeper area (where I could still touch the ground) There was so many rules I lost track of what I was getting yelled at.

Highlights: It was really cheap and affordable for any family to go swimming.

Tips: Maybe on a less crowded day maybe the lifeguards would have been more chill but between them and the crowdedness I wasn't having that great a time! The good part is the kids didn't care about any of that and still had a great time.

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