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Point Reyes

  • Description: Point Reyes is every hikers dream destination. It has many different paths to walk from very mild roads to very challenging hikes. For children there is a very easy "Earthquake" loop trail, my one year old was able to walk the whole way around it (albeit very slow) but she still made it. I think it was just a little bit over a mile. One path is much longer and challenging but leads to gorgeous views and the beach. There is also the Visitors Center in the front parking lot that is fun for children to run around and learn about the surrounding areas. We went hiking at the end of the day and it was great because that is when all the deer come out. The deer must know when people are leaving for the day and they all come out to graze on the grass. We spotted twenty deer total throughout our whole walk and leaving the parking lot. Some of the deer we got really close to and didn't even run from us, well until my baby started shouting "bye, bye!" to them at the top of her lungs. 

  • Highlights: The deer were really cool to see and so many of them. We had also had a lot of fun counting them up. My daughter was so excited to tell people we saw twenty deer! 

  • Tips: If you are just going for a short walk go in the evening so you can see the deer! If not get there early so you have plenty of time to explore. When we got there we were racing the setting sun.

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