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Point Isabel Dog Park


Description: Point Isabel the most famous dog walking parks in the East Bay. Hundreds of dog owners accompany their four legged furry friends on a walk there everyday. No matter the weather there are always tons of other people taking a stroll at this park. We love the park for multiple reasons. First our pit bull Princess can roam freely off leash, there is more than enough space for all the dogs there to have adequate room to run without getting in each others way. Princess also gets the chance to socialize with other dogs while walking without it being to confining. I could never imagine taking her one of those enclosed dog park areas where dogs just go for a play dates- she is not that into other dogs. At Point Isabel she can say hi and sniff other dogs and then run off and away when she is done socializing. The second reason I love this place is because it has paved walkways. Not all places you take dogs for a walk has paved paths and if you are rolling with a stroller or a kid on skates like me, a paved path is so helpful! The third reason I love this park is the beautiful bay view! Everywhere you walk the backdrop is picturesque and you can see clear over to San Francisco. 

Highlights: Your kids will be as excited as your dogs to go on a walk and meet all the friendly dogs that are roaming around at the park. My youngest daughter gets such a kick out of meeting and petting friendly dogs that come up to her to say hi. 

Tips: There are two parking lots, one when you first get off the freeway before Costco, and one around back of Costco. I like the lot around the back because you can get an extra long walk that way and also get some more up close views of the bridge and San Francisco. My biggest tip though is to bring layers!!!! I can not stress this enough. The park is right on the water and gets really cold. Even if the sun is out it can still get a lot of wind off of the Bay. 

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