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Piedmont Park


Description: Piedmont Park is a lovely little area surrounded by lots of beautiful landscaping, shady trees, and nature. There is a large wooden play structure in the middle of a sandbox. Perfect for children to slide or jump into from the structure area. There are several slides, ramps, ladders, wheels, poles, and many other challenging amenities for your children to play and imagine with. There is also a giant lawn nearby for spreading out a picnic on or rolling down (like my daughter enjoys doing). You are just steps away from an awesome hiking trail through the woods, where many people take their dogs for a walk. The grounds surrounding Piedmont Park are breathtaking including a Japanese tea house, rolling green grass lawns, lots of flowers, and giant redwoods. We got married in front of the giant redwoods at this park so it is all very sentimental for me when we visit here!


Highlights: The walking paths behind the recreation center are really peaceful and serene. It is nice to find a comfortable place to take a walk, without having to travel miles away to get to. If you are going to take your children to this park, make sure you set aside enough time to walk on the trails. If you have a dog- bring them along for the fun!


Tips: There is a parking lot right in front of the recreation center for convenient parking and park access.



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