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One World Festival

  • Location: Cerrito Vista Park, located at 950 Pomona Avenue, El Cerrito

  • Phone: 510-233-0611

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free to get in, $-$$ activities & food

  • Hours: Once a year in on 4th of July


Description: The One World Festival is a great chance to enjoy the festivities of 4th of July without having red, white, and blue shoved down your throat! The One World Festival is the right one for you! This is a wonderful event put on every year by the city of El Cerrito at the lovely Cerrito Vista Park to celebrate in all the cultures of the world with a fun day of activities! The main stage always has dancing, singers, and bands playing from all different cultural backgrounds. There is a large row of jumpy tents, obstacle courses, and inflatable slides. Much to my surprise there are also very real children's rides that get set up for the day here. It's crazy because we always used to go play at this park but I had never been to the festival until two years ago. When I saw it set up with all the rides, jumpers, vendors, stage, and such I almost couldn't believe my eyes and that it all fit in what seemed a modest baseball field. But it does and it is absolutely wonderful for young children! There were rides both my daughters could have fun on (age difference 6 years). If you walk down the parks stairs to the street below you will find more vendors, kids activities, and the food court with lots of choices. Me and my older daughter always spend some time hula hooping- there is a whole booth set up with free ones to play with and you can purchase them too if you like. Also this is held at a park so if you run out of tickets or waiting in line patience your kids can go playat the park (see Cerrito Vista Park). All in all my family has a great time every time we have gone and yours will too! 


Highlights: It is a great way to enjoy festivities on fourth of July without feeling like you have to be too patriotic! 


Tips: Get a wristband instead of tickets for your child- trust me in the long run you will pay less- the tickets go too fast! 

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