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Ohlone Park


Description: If you live in or around Berkeley chances are that you have ridden by Ohlone Park at some point in your life. Ohlone Park, named after the Ohlone Natives who used to inhabit this land, spans up and down Hearst street for about 5 blocks worth of park space. Ohlone has basketball courts, two different playground areas, a dog park, a toddler park, and lots of grassy lawn area. Something for everyone sort of. I like the playground next to the basketball courts the best. The area is gated so no worries about escaping toddlers in to a busy street. The play structure is nice in this area and will accommodate older children as well. There are also swings for babies and big kids right next to each other which are great for families like mine so everyone can swing at the same place and same time. My daughter's favorite things there are the old school zebras that sit on a bouncy coil perfect for riding like a crazy kid. If you have a dog there is lots of open space to walk and  run with it, as well as a designated dog park area where your dog can have a play date. The paved paths and sidewalk make for good bike and scooter runs.


Highlights: The park is about two blocks over from University avenue so it is very easy to get food and go have a picnic at the park . Trader Joes is a short walk as well as one of my favorite vegan spots for amazing sandwiches The Butcher's Son. Go pick up sandwiches and chips and take it over to the park for a nice picnic in the grass.


Tips: Bring a blanket to sit on in the grass- all the shady spots are under the trees in the grass.

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