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Muir Woods


Description: Muir Woods is one of the most popular attractions in the Bay Area. People literally come to visit these beautiful trees from all over the world. The trees tower above as you walk over dirt paved trails all around the forest floors. The creeks flow beneath bridges that you can tramp over. Children love the open space to run around while enjoying nature. There are many visitors so you will not be in isolation but there are many different trails that you can walk to get you off the beaten path. Many docents are walking around answering questions to the curious. Children will marvel at the sheer height of the trees. Muir Woods is near Muir Beach which you can easily visit together in one day making for an all day outdoor adventure. There is a nice gift shop and also a cafe if you get hungry or if you feel the need to buy a souvenir. 

Highlights: The trees are gorgeous and even though there are many other visitors to the park there will be moments where you can enjoy the peace of nature to yourself. 

Tips: The parking is really crazy! The lots get full quick and you may have to park miles away to get in to the woods. If it is too full you will be redirected to park by the freeway and hop on the shuttle bus. If you can swing it visit on a weekday when it is not as crowded. No matter what day you go, get there early! The early bird catches the worm or the parking space. 

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