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Muir Beach

  • Location: 199 Pacific Way Muir Beach, Marin Ca 94965

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: Dusk til dawn


Description: While the Bay Area is surrounded by oceans, there are only a few beaches within the Bay Area that are very inhabitable. Due to rocky shores and high winds, there are not many beaches to take your family for the day. But alas refuge in Muir beach! The drive there is not for the newly crowned driver.  With many twists, turns, highs, and lows, it is not for the weak of stomach either! When you actually get to the beach- it feels like the beach! Lots of soft sand to walk barefoot through, waves and surf to wade in, and plenty of sunshine to keep you warm. There are beautiful hiking trails surrounding the beach area if you are up for a walk. The area is also dog friendly- so you can bring your canine companion! Packing a lunch, blankets, and sand toys are highly recommended! Because it is one of the nicer beaches in the Bay Area it gets crowded! Get there earlier or later in the day for better parking. If not there is a bus that takes you straight to the beach if you park in a lot near the freeway.


Highlights: Not only are there hiking trails surrounding Muir beach but the whole area is home to Muir woods and Mt. Tamalpais- two more great places for taking strolls through the forest or a hike in to the woods. If you have a day to spend try to hit up more than one spot while you are over that way. I suggest the beach for the more off peak hours and hiking during the middle of the day.


Tips: Bring glasses and layers- it can get very windy and it is uncomfortable if you are unprepared! One time we went and the sand was literally blowing up and slapping us in the face.

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