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Montclair Park


Description: Montclair Park is a wonderful big park nestled behind highway 13 in Oakland with a lot to offer! This park has a few different picnic areas, so there is plenty of space for multiple parties and BBQ's. There are three different play areas: the tot's play area with fun for your littlest one, the big kids structure and area, and the old time area with stage coach and a wooden saloon/ jail. Swing sizes for every member of the  family and musical offerings. Big rolling lawns offer plenty of places to play catch, frizby, or follow the plentiful gaggle of geese (there are lots of geese roaming the lawns). The pond in the middle offers the chance to see more wild life- ducks and many turtles swimming around. Although from the drought it doesn't look so clean. There is also the Montclair recreation center on the grounds which offers an array of classes and summer camps. The park itself is pretty peaceful and it is always nice to find parks that have a few shaded areas to grab a seat in while your child makes their rounds on the playground.


Highlights: The park is right in the middle of the heart of Montclair and many restaurants are easily accessible within walking distance to get some lunch or a snack after some intense playing. Also if you are having a party there, Safeway is right next door making last minute pick-up's a piece of cake (maybe even literally). I enjoy that this park offers lots of playground area but you still get the sense of feeling like you are in nature with the grassy lawns and high reaching trees.


Tips: Bring a water bottle, the fountains are nasty! If you wanna earn extra brownie points bring a grabber and get some of the trash out of the pond! Me and my daughter tried to snab a few pieces of trash with a stick- that didn't work too well. It needs some maintenence for sure.

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