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Mills College Pool

  • Location: 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613

  • Phone: 510.430.2255

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $

  • Hours: Rec hours vary by season and week, please check schedule

Description: Mills pool is located inside Mills College, but it is open to the public for swimming. I attend Mills and am able to get in free with my kids- woo hoo! So it was our go-to place for swimming last summer. I do really like the pool though even if I didn't get in free. The atmosphere is relaxed, the pool is warm, there are a few grassy areas for laying in the sun on, and the staff is friendly. The pool is surrounded by trees for the most part and you kind of forget you are in the heart of the city when you are there. Sometimes they have extended hours into the evening for night swimming. We went one time and were virtually the only people in the pool. On the weekends in the Summer it gets crowded! But if you can get there during the weekday it is more likely that you will have a relaxing time with not as many people. 

Highlights: Pretty big family rec area for swimming. Has hot tub for adults. Lots of hours during the Summer.

Tips: Get there earlier or later during the rec hours on the weekend, less likely to be crowded.

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