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Live Oak Park


Description: Live Oak Park is one of the great parks that Berkeley has to offer. This park offers something for everyone in your family. There are basketball courts for older children or adults to play ball on. There is a smaller enclosed toddler park complete with smaller swings, a sandbox, a slide, and even an old school seesaw (which you can barely find anymore). On the big kid side of the park there there is a gigantic play structure with ways to climb and a really tall tunnel slide. Big kid sings a rolling lawn, tennis courts, and more. And that's only the playground side of the park. Around the side of the community center, which is in the middle of the park, is a whole other side of the park. This side of the park is great for exploring with a creek running down the middle, gigantic rolling lawns, trees for playing hide and seek in, and also picnic sights where you can BBQ or throw a party. Sometimes festivals are held on these grounds a few times a year. The community center holds Summer camps (which I went to as a kid), plays in the theater, and weekend classes. Live Oak is a great asset to the community and one place not to be missed! 


Highlights: I love parks where both my ages of daughters can be entertained without having to compromise. There are two play areas for the different ages but that are right next to each other and not exclusive, so each child could also accompany the other into their respective play areas. Parking is never a problem. Most of the time the community center is open with clean restrooms available to the public.

Tips: Bring some food and a blanket and have a picnic on the nature side it is a great place to lay out while the kids have fun.

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