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Life Is Living Festival


Description: This very unique Youth Speaks Festival is so Oakland in every way! It is a free fun day event filled with everything for kids, teens, and adults! The event takes place at a park so even if kids get bored, which they won't, they can just go run and play on all of the playground. The  festival is an all day music concert with multiple stages and so much talent. Many local acts showcase their rap and signing skills over multiple microphones. There are rows of unique Bay Area vendors selling their finely crafted wares. A whole stage is dedicated to African dance on one side of the park. The dancers put on a show as well as give lessons to the audience. We sat all day in the sun on our picnic blanket enjoying the music. There are tons of kids in attendance so there is always someone to play with. Last year there was a very sweet crown making booth for children so they know they are kings and queens. The only complaint I have is that the food options were slim and thus created a very long line for the food that was available. Maybe next year I will bring my own food with me. Other than that this is a wonderful family friendly community event and I can not wait for it to come again. 

Highlights: It's a free concert with very talented Bay Area acts. Nothing beats free! You feel happy to spend on local vendors because you did not pay for the concert. It is really a very positive community event and you can really feel the love buzzing around in  the air with all the excitement.  

Tips: Bring food, a picnic blanket, and cash! 

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