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Paddle Boating at Lake El Estero

  • Location: 798 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940

  • Phone: 831-375-1484

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours: Seasonal hours, boats need to be in by dark. Check website.


Description: Paddle boating in the heart of Downtown Monterey! If you are going to Monterey for the weekend there are endless opportunities to show your kids a good time. Of course there is the must-see Monterey Bay Aquarium, but what else is there to do you ask? Swing by Lake El Estero for some paddle boating! Not only is it a fun outdoor activity to do with your children but you will enjoy the calm waters and swimming wildlife. You can choose from either a traditional paddle boat or their new swan themed paddle boats (which accommodates more people as well). The owners and everyone helping you are very friendly! They have so many vessels that there are rarely lines. My daughter loved helping paddle and steer the wheel. We circled the lake a few times and she was excited to point out ducks, geese, and even a heron along the way!


Highlights: The Lake is right next to "Dennis the Menace" Park (check my separate post about it), which is a super fun and engaging park for children. You can visit both places in one swoop! It makes it a longer outing for your day, and kids enjoy running off their energy after paddling around the lake.


Tips: Leave enough time to go to Dennis the Menace Park afterwards- it's sort of a remarkable park and your kids will thank you for the fun filled day of activities!


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