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Kensington Farmers Market


Description: While Kensington Farmers Market is not the biggest Farmers Market this side of the Bay, what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. Located in the small town of Kensington at Kensington Circle which is literally in the center of town, you can't miss this vibrant street of  market place. They have pretty much all the fruits  and vegetables you find at every Farmers Market organic and locally grown. There are fresh flowers, fresh baked goods, preserves, hand bottled sauces, and an array of food vendors. Before I went vegan I would go gaga for the hot dog stand that sold lobster rolls- so good- now I get their veggie sandwhich option which is really good too! right next to them is Fat Daddys BBQ which will hook you in with their BBQ grill smells, and their food is finger licking good. Also there is fresh paella, mexican food, himalayn fare, and organic ice cream- so there is no shortage on what to eat for lunch! Usually there is even some type of music or band playing there as well. So what you can find at any Farmers Market you can find here all in one compressed block! 


Highlights: The lunch choices are sumptuous  and you can smell what's cooking from blocks away enticing you in to eat. 

Tips: Bring your own grocery bags and cash! 

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