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Hayward  Shoreline

Description: Living in the East Bay we have access to many miles of beautiful shoreline. You can find long stretches of walkable shoreline from Richmond, to Berkeley, to Emeryville, Alameda, and Oakland. The path lesser traveled though can take you right into the heart of Hayward. I don't think of Hayward as being the pinnacle of desirable walks in the East Bay but let us not discount the beautiful Hayward Shoreline, located beyond some of the warehouse district off Winton Ave. Hayward shoreline has a beautiful stretch of land right on the Bay that is perfect for a dog walk, kid walk, or bike ride. The parking lot at the entrance takes you down a long straight paved path that walks directly towards the Bay. For some this may end up being the majority of your walk as it is much longer than it seems when you are traveling with little feet. Even with scooters and strollers, this is about all my girls can take. One dreary day, my oldest daughter and I walked our pitbull down to the end of the first straight path. All of a sudden it started sprinkling and we decided to head back- then out of nowhere it started pouring! Oh my goodness that path back to the car seemed so far away! We couldn't run it all without stopping to catch our breath as we were getting soaking wet, it's a funny story to us now but in the moment we wished we had wings or an umbrella at the least. The final destination for us is just reaching the water from the first paved path. When you make it to the end of the road you will hit the water and have beautiful views of the Bay on either sides. There is beach access especially if the tide is out. But be warned the beach has a lot of trash and glass on it! Not to safe for playing but ok for a little climb over the rocks. If you wish to continue on there are paved paths going in either direction from there. Looks like a beautiful bike ride or walk, but I can't say that I've made it that far with my crew yet! 

Highlights: We love a nice walk with pretty views and the ability to walk our dog off-leash. Our Princess is a pitbull so people are often scared of her but a gentler soul you will not find, unless you mess with her babies- then it's another story. But I, as a decent human being, would never walk a dog off-leash unless I knew it was friendly and I hope no one else would either! 

Tips: If it's a hot day go early or later in the day, there is no shade on this path. It is paved so if your kids have some form of wheels from bikes, to skates, to scooters- it is the perfect flat path for that!

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