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Great America

  • Location:  4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

  • Phone: 408-988-1776

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$$$

  • Hours:  10am-10pm Summertime, hours change in Winter


Description: Summertime is a great time to visit theme parks, and California is full of them! In the Bay Area you can take your pick from a few of them: Six Flags, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and California's Great America. When I was a a youngster we lived for the trip to Great America. Upside down roller coasters were the most thrilling thing! So for my daughter's 7th birthday we decided to initiate her in to the Great America club and make sure she went on her first upside down ride. We did it! She rode the Demon (I don't care for the name, lol) but it's line is never too long! My daughter and I sat next to each other and she screamed and squeezed my hand the whole way! Even when the ride was over and we were pulling back to the gates she was still screaming at the top of her lungs- that's how excited she was! And she loved it- that's what she told everyone about as her highlight of the trip. There is now a Snoopy land that is filled with rides for younger children as well, we were traveling with our baby and a 3 year old and were glad that they both could get on some rides too! Great America has changed a lot since we were younger, I don't think it is owned by Paramount anymore and the Looney Toons characters aren't running around everywhere only Snoopy and his friends. Some of the rides names have changed and there is an entire water park inside of the theme park that you can visit all for the same ticket price. But it's basically the same: rides, fried food, games, sun, and fun! It was a fun day! 


Highlights: If your kid is tall enough take them on an upside down ride- it was my daughter's highlight of the day and mine too! It was fun to scream together and have that nostalgic feeling again! Plus I thought it was sweet she chose to sit with me for comfort over her favorite aunt and uncle- awww! It was a wonderful experience together and something we have been laughing about ever since. 


Tips: Parking is weird now because the 49ers Levi's stadium is literally next to Great America- they even share the same parking lot. So conflict of interest- yes! There was a country music concert happening the evening when we left and let's just say trying to get out of there was a mess! Roads blocked, cowboy boots, and crooners everywhere! Also Great America will close if the 49ers are playing so check the website before you make your plans! 

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