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Evangeline's Costume Mansion

  • Location: 113 K Street Old Sacramento, CA 95814

  • Phone: 916-443-2181

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $-$$$

  • Hours: Everyday 10am-8/9, Fri. & Sat. 10am-11pm

Description: If you are visiting the Sacramento area Evangeline's Costume Mansion is a stop not to be missed. It is located in Old Town Sacramento which is a fun area for families, styled sort of downtown New Orleans ish. Evangeline's is three floors of costumes, masks, decorations, jewelry, toys, books, glow in the dark items, and everything in between that you would find at a novelty store. You can buy fun stuff in there or just go play around with the costumes. They have costumes for all ages of family members from baby, to sister, to daddy. Something for everyone! Scary, costumes, cute costumes, silly costumes, what you want, what you need to outfit you! Downstairs is filled with novelty items such as jewelry, sunglasses, calendars, books, socks, and toys galore. There is even a glow in the dark room with lava lamps and other trippy items. Outside the store there might be people dressed up as zombies or monsters that you can take pictures with. It's a fun time playing dress up for the whole family! 


Highlights: Taking silly pictures with the zombies outside was fun! Evangeline's is in Old Town Sacramento which is a really fun place to just walk around with your family in the day time or the evening. The party is going late in to the night there!

Tips: Parking is tricky, you can pay and park in a lot for aw few hours. The hotel we stayed in was called the Vagabond Inn and was just a few blocks away within walking distance.

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