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El Cerrito Swim Center


Description: The city of El Cerrito has a very nice outdoor public pool. It features a water slide (my daughter's favorite), diving boards, lap lanes, a family area, and a splash park. It is an outdoor pool so recreational swim is not open all year, so be sure to check hours before you go! In terms of public pools in the Bay Area I feel this is really one of the nicer places to go swimming. There are lots of chairs and lounge seats for on-looking spectators, changing rooms, and more than just the open water area to keep children occupied. My daughter went down the water slide at least 15 times! There are diving boards that differ in height for older kids and adults. There is also a splash park for younger children to wet themselves and cool down on a hot day. The pool is right across from Cerrito Vista Park so it is very easy to make in to a full day of fun between the two. There is a big parking lot in front of the pool but lots of street parking as well, so it is never too hard to find a space. The price to swim is low as it is, but if you check Groupon they almost always have a deal going on for groups of four too.


Highlights: It is a really nice family friendly atmosphere, every family I have ran in to there has been really gracious to each other. Also like I said there is a water slide that will entertain your child, if they are like mine, for hours!


Tips: What  this pool really could use is a concessions stand, but alas with most public pools out this way, there is none- so make sure you pack your own snacks for your hungry swimmers to refuel on!

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