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Earth Day in Alameda

  • Location: Washington Park, 740 Central Ave. Alameda

  • Phone: 510-747-7529

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: In April, Saturday after Earth Day 10am- 3pm


Description: We randomly ran into this event last year while trying to visit Washington Park one sunny Saturday afternoon and I was so glad we did! Alameda free Earth Day Event. This event is completely free and really fun for young children! There are activities to try, such as making smoothies and art while peddling a bicycle, hula hooping, bike racing, bouncing on giant balls, and tons of jumping in tents! The whole baseball field is utilized- as jumpy tents, giant inflatable slides, and inflatable obstacle courses take over the spacing! When I asked one of the volunteers there where to purchase the tickets for the jumpy tents, he said "There are no tickets!" Seeing my puzzled look he said "It's free!" All I could reply is that's awesome, and told my daughter to go for it! It was really nice to have a totally free event that she could have so much fun at and participate in! She was jumping and sliding for about a good hour- free of charge! Woo hoo!


Highlights: Well it was free- really free! You cannot say that about many events you attend that all the activities will be free when you get there. I was ready to throw some dollars down for jumpy tent tickets but I didn't need to and that was great!


Tips: There is only one food booth stand...Needless to say bring a picnic lunch and lots of waters!  (The line at the stand just to get water took me at least 20 minutes.) Plus if you bring your own food, there are so many picnic tables and spots on the grass to plop down and eat while you enjoy the sights and weather.

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