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Dover Street Park


Description: At first glance there is nothing too spectacular about Dover Street Park in North Oakland. The play structures could really use an update and there are lots of toys that have been cast away on the playground. But once you play and stay for a while you realize there is a little bit of magic going on in the park. There is an edible garden that has a partnership with Phat Beetz Produce to provide free vegetables, food, and events for the community- much respect! You can walk through the garden, make the best of the play structures, or make a wish on a dandelion in the great grassy field. Me and Ayala had too much fun spinning our hearts (and guts) out on the tire swing. She got quite a laugh out of the situation and I got a bit of an upset stomach, but the dizziness was worth seeing my baby smile and have such a good laugh. Afterwards we played hide and go seek among the green garden. All in all it's a fixer upper park with a lot of charm.  

Highlights: The tire swing is the winner here. If you have the stomach for it, your child will be thrilled to spin with you. 


Tips: Check out their message board for upcoming events at the park.

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