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Dimond Park


Description: We found Dimond Park by chance one day while trying to find parking for our favorite Mexiacan spot, Los Comales, in the Dimond District. What looked like a dead end street turned out to be the perfect park we frequent while getting food in the neighborhood. Dimond Park is a really big park with two playgrounds, lots of picnic areas, a redwood grove, and soooo much lawn space for running around or playing with your pooch. Looking further to their website it appears that they have a pool and a nice recreation area but I can't claim to have ventured into those parts yet. But it looks like a nice place for some exercise and activity. The two playgrounds offers different challenges for our different aged daughters. I also hear they have a toddler playground in the works. The park is surrounded by lush grass, tall trees, and lots of plants. A little piece of nature in the middle of East Oakland-perfect! 


Highlights: We mainly use the park for the picnic tables and playgrounds. When feeling too tired to cook we grab food from one of the neighborhood restaurants and have a meal while the kids get their energy out. There is lots of good food in the neighborhood! Also a nice place to take your kids and dogs where they both can have equal amounts of fun. 

Tips: If you go in the late afternoon bring a jacket because with so many trees the park can get shady and a little nippy. 

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