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Cull Canyon Swimming Facility


Description: I was so excited to find out about Cull Canyon swimming area when I got asked on a play date to here. I had never been here before and was so impressed by it! Growing up in the Bay Area going to Summer camps we frequented lakes with beach areas to go  swimming in like Lake Anza in Tilden and Lake Temescal. But as I got older the prospect of swimming around in a stagnat lake with duck poop, algae, and fish doesn't seem as appealing. Not to mention due to the drought most lakes are not swimmable anymore due to toxic algae. Insert Cull Canyon swimming area. It is a  man made lagoon, they filter the water and chlorinate it. So it gives the feel of swimming in a lake in nature but not the literal feel of murky, gross water. It is clean in the water, the sand on the beach is clean, there are lifegaurds on duty, what more could you ask for? How bout changing areas, grassy lawns, cabanas with grills, and picnic benches. On the weekends there is even a snack bar that opens up. This place has it all! My older daughter went swimming long distances with her googles on and while I sat with my younger daughter and her friend as they splashed around in the shallow end which was perfect for sitting her in. I was so happy to find out about this place- it is a great way to enjoy  the warm weather!


Highlights: Did I mention the lagoon is filtered and chlorinated? That's the highlight! No murky waters with questionable components.


Tips: Bring beach stuff: shovels, buckets, towels, big blanket to sit on, sunscreen, googles, food, and water. Also if you can go during the week the crowd is more mellow- I think it gets pretty crowded on the weekend!

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