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Children's Theater Freight & Salvage

  • Location: 2020 Addison St. Berkeley, CA 94703

  • Phone: 510- 296-4433

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours: Check calendar on website for schedule


Description: If your child is in to theater and play productions, or if you want them to experience something new, Bay Area Children's Theater has it all for you! They have different venues in different cities, but the one that me and my daughter have visited is the location at Freight and Salvage in downtown Berkeley. My daughter first went here for a friend's birthday party that I attended with her, I was surprised at how the play for most of the children at the party was able to capture and hold their attention. They must be doing something right to captivate a bunch of 5 year olds. The play we saw was James and the Giant Peach which I thought was sort of advanced for the group but they all really seemed to enjoy it. The characters, sets, and clothes are fun for the children to enjoy! We also saw Three Little Birds play and the two children I went with loved the music! It is fun to break up the routine outdoors scene with a little indoor live theater production!


Highlights: There is an intermission where you can let your children up and run around, use the potty, and get a snack if they are getting antsy. The characters in the play usually go out to the lobby after the play and bid farewell to the children. The chairs and spacing inside the venue is all very comfy as well.


Tips: Downtown Berkeley can be challenging in terms of parking, so if you can- take Bart! Bart let's you off about a block away from the theater. If not there is a parking structure right next to the venue. Street parking is near impossible especially if the Farmers Market is going on nearby.

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