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Children's  Creativity Museum

  • Location: 221 Fourth St. San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Phone: 415-820-3320

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours: Weds-Sun 10 am-4pm

Description: Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco is a very creative way fro children to spend the afternoon! There are two floors of fun activities for kids to get their hands into or to put their artistic touch on. Plenty of chances for them to use their imagination all over the museum. On the ground floor is an aesthetically pleasing section for children to touch sand and shove around sand in sand boxes, mold and sculpt with floam, build with giant blue foam blocks, put on a puppet show, drive trains, make an art project, create a cartoon to be featured on the screen, draw on a chalk board, or go mellow out in the reading room. Plus they have a nice little outdoor area for eating snacks or lunch even with small sized tables for the littles. Upstairs was my favorite part- little kids karaoke, it was the most hilarious thing ever! My daughter and her fellow two year old BFF were belting out the chorus to Moana, I could not stop laughing!!! Also upstairs is a creativity room where kids get a tool box, a mission, and recycled materials and have to create what the card tells them too. All the kids had a fun time figuring that out lol. The fun doesn't stop inside though! Outside is the LeRoy King Carousel which you can get $1 off with museum entrance purchase. $4 for 2 rides, with stamp $3 for 2 rides. The courtyard in front of the museum leads to a pretty fun playground with some very swift slides. And if you are not completely warn out yet, you can also find bowling and ice skating all right outside the courtyard doors.

Highlights: The karaoke was the funniest thing I ever saw, I was cracking up the whole time! My older kids loved it too. My daughter and her friend also just had a really good time building a hiding fort with the giant blue foam blocks. Also very Bartable, just a few blocks from Powell street Bart. 

Tips: Here is my biggest tip: Get a season/ yearly pass to a museum in the Bay Area. Make sure they are a part of the Association of Children's Museums reciprocal Network. Choose whichever one you think you will frequent most based on where you live- I'd say. Once you join and are a part of this network you can visit any other children's museum on this list of networks for 50% off! That makes a big difference! My mom bought a grandparents pass to Bay Area Discovery Museum and named me as the other adult, we have been getting in all the other museums for half price! So I only paid $12 total for me and Satya to get in Children's Creativity Museum and Ayala was free! 

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