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Castro Valley Community Center


Description: Castro Valley Community Center has something for everyone in your family! With three seperate playgrounds, lots of grass and picnic benches, tennis courts, basketball hoops, and a water splash pad station in the middle of the park- everyone will find what they want when you come here. This is a great place to have a kid's birthday party complete with picnic tables and shade for the adults in the party to relax in as kids go crazy on all the different playgrounds- there were at least three seperate parties happening when we went to the park and there is plenty of room for everyone. Even if there are a lot of kids and families at the park because there is so much space and so many different playgounds no matter what your child will have room to run and play and find an open swing! There are some of the newer model swings which look like big strap in swings for babies but are really for bigger kids- hard to explain but they look like a lot of fun! The best part about the park is of course the splash pad located in the center of the park. Children get a chance to run and romp through streams of water on hot days. What kid doesn't like playing in water- the answer is none! So bring a change of clothes and a towel when you come play on a hot day. 

Highlights: The splash pad is any kids highlight of course- water play time! Also the fact that there are three seperate playground areas makes it so that no area feels over crowded and your child won't have to wait long or at all for a turn on something. 


Tips: Bring a towel and change of clothes if you plan to let your children playin the water.

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