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Carnaval SF


Description: Carnaval is an exciting time of the year in the Mission district of San Francisco! Held on the last weekend of May, Carnaval is an event not to be missed. The Carnaval parade is a colorful melee of dancers, drummers, musicians, and floats. Sure to excite any child. The parade stretches for many blocks so if it is too crowded where you see it, try walking a few blocks over and see if you can get a clearer view. We walked in to the parade a block from Bart and my daughter could barely see over everyone's head. Then we walked about 5 blocks down to where the parade was ending and voila- perfect views and less crowd! After the fun of the parade head down a few blocks to find vendors galore! Blocks and blocks and blocks of people sellingtheir food, goods, food, crafts, food, clothes, food- did I mention food. There are literally blocks on end of vendors- we walked til we couldn't walk anymore...and then we had to walk back. If you are with little kids choose your steps wisely. Also it is CROWDED! And I mean crowded- keep a tight hold on your child and if you can avoid bringing a stroller- dont! I was constantly hitting the heels of people as I tried to navigate the crowd with my stroller. But my 6 year old had a blast- all the pretty girls in their Carnaval outfits, music and dancing everywhere, and we found some good items to bring home (Warriors hat). All in all it was a really fun day and my little ones were sure tired out on the Bart ride home- my oldest fell asleep. 


Highlights: The parade is so much fun and exciting for kids to see all the dancers, drummers, and colorful floats. Also a lot of dancers will stop and take pictures with your kids. We knew some of the dancers but also ones we didn't were more than happy to oblige their little fans. 

Tips: Take Bart- don't dare try to find parking- you won't! Bart is really easy and let's you right off where all the fun is.

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