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Candy Heaven

Description: If you are visiting the Old Town Sacramento area and have a sweet tooth stop by Candy Heaven! Your sweet tooth will not be disappointed. It is truly like a haven for all the candy you could ever want and ask for. There are barrels and barrels of candy everywhere! All kinds of candy. Every candy you loved as a kid and can't find on the shelves anymore- they have it! Stuff you've never heard of- they have it! Rows and rows of salt water taffy- they have it! Free samples- they have those too! As you can imagine it is hard to go in there without filling your basket to a hefty price. I had to tell my daughter she could choose one special thing for today and one for the next. You are going to have to make the limit clear when you walk in because otherwise your family will get carried away. The store workers gave my baby her first lollipop (which probably prevented a meltdown) but she was so elated to try her first solid piece of sugar. It kept her quite the rest of the walk to the hotel, hahaha! 

Highlights: This is not a highlight for me but my daughter thought it was funny...there are weird dummy clowns perched in every corner of the store. I have a fear of clowns and I don't like them so I was not a fan when I saw them staring down at me. But my daughter who does not share that same sentiment thought they were funny.


Tips: The store workers are really nice and will offer you lots of free samples so keep an eye on your little ones because they'll take all the free samples they can get! 

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