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Buchanan Beach 

  • Location: Buchanan St. Berkeley, 94710 (Next to race track)

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: Dawn till dusk, all day every day


Description: Buchanan Beach is a nice little hidden waterfront beach along Albany's edge under the freeway overpass and located next to the race track. A change of pace from strolling along Berkeley's different Marina water front's. Albany bulb features a more beach like scene. Very popular for dog walking as well as playing fetch in the waves with your favorite canine. Children love it because it is a close place where you can go to get to the beach. Too windy too lay out in a bathing suit but sandy enough for your child to take their shoes off and get their feet wet in the water. It's a beautiful view of San Francisco and the ocean anywhere you look. On weekends it looks like a doggy beach party more than anything else but your children will think that's cool if they like dogs or if you have one to bring with you. There are lots of hilly walking areas with trails and paths for walking your dog or kid! Children will love the mysterious exploration of it all. Let them choose the path so they can feel like the leader and explorer. There are certain paths near the rocks that go in and out with the tide, but if the tide is low it is fun to hop on the rocks.


Highlights: There is a swing made out of beach wood hanging from a tree when you first walk up in to the trees towards the beach. Also a big bench made of beach wood farther down. My daughter likes to climb on it and watch the waves roll in. There are so many paths to explore it is like a new experience every time. Good for exercise with beautiful scenery.


Tips: Bring layers, it is windy the closer you are to the water. Bringing sand toys will enhance your child's beach experience!

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