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Berkeley Rose Garden


Description: The Berkeley Rose Garden is located just across the street from another Berkeley attraction-- Codornices Park-- and is easily accessible from the Codornices Park tunnel. The Rose Garden offers a peaceful and serene backdrop to explore and literally "stop and smell the flowers." Atop the quiet hill before you make your way down to the entrance is a picturesque view of the San Francisco Bay Area. When the Rose Garden is in full bloom, usually beginning in mid-May, there are hundreds of bright and colorful rose bushes to lay your eyes on. The terraced hillside also offers plenty of chances to exercise as you walk up and down the steps of the amphitheater. The Rose Garden is often a wedding or picture destination for many happy couples.


Highlights: When in bloom, the roses are the highlights! Their fragrant beauty will have you leaving feeling calm and collected. Children also enjoy a small stream with an old wooden bridge perfect for reenacting a scene from "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." The Rose Garden is the perfect backdrop for many family or couples pictures.


Tips: Visit in Spring or Summer, the rose bushes don't have much to offer when they are not in bloom!

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