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Bare Knuckles Pizza

Description: Bare Knuckles Pizza is literally the best place for vegan pizza I have found in the Bay Area! They use cheese and meat from The Butcher's Son (another of our favorite vegan restaurants, see post for more details). Most pizza places that offer vegan options use Daiya cheese and I am not a fan of Daiya cheese. While it is ok mixed in things, it is not the best cheese for a main dish feature. The pizza at Bare Knuckles is also wood fired which I think makes a big difference too- so good and crispy! We had the Vegan Margherita and the Vegan Supremo. Loved the Margherita pizza- could have eaten two! The Supremo's meat was good but a little too much meat and greasy. I think eating the meat with some vegetable pizza would have been better. Ayala liked that one better though and was picking the pepperoni off of all the slices to eat, lol. But overall everything was great! I want to go back as soon as possible! 

Highlights: The pizza is wood fired so the crust is crispy- love a crispy crust! They have Jenga to keep little fingers entertained while waiting for food.

Tips: It's a small place and can get crowded, more room for sitting upstairs. Also Wednesday all margherita pizzas are $10! 

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