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Asilomar Beach

  • Location: Asilomar State Beach is adjacent to Sunset Drive, Asilomar Avenue, and Crocker Avenue in the city of Pacific Grove.

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: Dawn til dusk


Description: This is one of the best beaches in the Monterey Area! Ok so we have been here many, many times and there is  a reason for that. Every time we go to Monterey we have to go to Asilomar Beach because of the calm and laid  back vibe and the beauty! It is so peaceful. The sand is white and soft, the waves are mellow, and if you are interested in taking a walk there are lots of trails along the coast. You can enter through the Asilomar Conference Grounds or by parking off of the highway. Even when it is a bit chilly or windy, the sands are still warm and it's beautiful! Bring some sand toys, towels, a sweatshirt, and pants you can easily roll up to play in the waves or just watch them rolling in and out! Your canine friends are welcome at the beach and it is fun to see dogs fetching balls in the waves. Many locals go surfing here and younger hopefuls can be seen boogey boarding. When we went for my birthday in August we were lucky enough to catch a perfectly clear day right around sunset-it was so warm & beautiful, truly a blessed afternoon!


Highlights: If you are staying nearby it is walking accessible from most angles. Also perfect for a morning run along the trail looking at the beach. If you just want a nice walk near the ocean there are all types of trails including some paved ones where you will not get the sand in between your toes (if you are not in to that sort of thing like I am).


Tips: Bring layers, it gets windy and chilly. Also flip flops are good for quick changing in and out of walking shoes from sand to pavement.

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