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Ardenwood  Farms


Description: Ardenwood Farms is a historic working farm and a really fun time if you like animals. My family and I visited the farm on a day off from school, to my surprise it was one of the funnest outings we had in awhile. The grounds to walk around on were beautiful! It was in September so the flowers were still in bloom but also leaves were starting to turn orange and fall from the trees. I had so much fun petting the different farm animals, who were more than happy to oblige my eagerly waiting hands. The goats and pigs both were really friendly and loved getting petted. My oldest daughter really liked petting the very fluffy sheep. I spent about thirty minutes petting the pigs alone, they were so cute and friendly. The grounds are open and free and perfect for a game of chase or hide and go seek. My daughter made friends with another family that had three girls and they all hit it off so well that they ended up playing a big game of tag on the lawn by the historic house. There is a fun mini train that you can ride from one end of the park to the other. Ardenwood hosts lots of seasonal events as well as they have some free days- check their website for details. 


Highlights: The animals and interacting with them were the highlights for my family! I loooved the pigs, and they loved belly rubs! 

Tips: Memorial Day the park is open free of admission as well as they host a free event festival in August. Also if you see  a short line for the train, I suggest you take it  as it can get very stacked up. 

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