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Albany Bulb

  • Location: Buchanan St. Berkeley, 94710 (Next to race track)

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: Dawn till dusk, all day every day


Description: There is sooo much to explore at Albany Bulb! There are lots of hilly walking areas with trails and paths for walking your dog and or kid! Children will love the mysterious exploration of it all. Let them choose the path so they can feel like the leader and explorer. There are certain paths near the rocks that go in and out with the tide, but if the tide is low it is fun to hop on the rocks. There are also paths that will take you past some really awesome art made out of garbage. Children will be amazed by what they see- my daughter loves art that's made of recycled items- it inspires her about things she can upcycle at home and make in to new items. There are lots of different paths to explore from steep, to small, to wet, to hidden- there are endless paths to find your way back to the car. As we were walking and kept stumbling upon different artwork and challenging paths my older daughter commented "We really are Bay Explorers this is a real adventure!" And it sure was. 


Highlights: There are so many paths to explore it is like a new experience every time. Good for exercise with beautiful scenery.


Tips: Bring layers, it is windy the closer you are to the water. Wear good walking shoes as well as ones you do not mind getting a bit dirty. 

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