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Zoo Lights


Description: Every year when the weather starts to get cold and the holidays start getting closer Oakland Zoo starts hanging up all of their glowing lights for the kids to see. For about a month between the beginning of December and the beginning January after the regular portion of the zoo closes so that the animals can go to sleep, a whole new zoo world opens up. One with thousands of bright glowing lights and cheery Christmas songs. Zoo lights is a fun walk around the zoo after hours in the dark, led by Christmas lights everywhere. Most of the animals have gone to sleep by then but you can still visit the amphibians, bugs, and the river otters are usually up frolicking around. The first year we went here we had brought a flashlight and the river otters were in rare form, frolicking and swimming for us to see. Kids just have fun running around in the dark. The lights everywhere give you that strong sense of Holiday fun. 


Highlights: The lights are fun and festive, honestly children just have fun doing an activity that is at night. They kind of go crazy (in a good way) running around under the veil of darkness.

Tips: This admission is separate from the regular park admission so even if you have a season pass you still have to pay. Also I believe the train in the theme park area is still running, it may be worth it to get in line for that. Although we have never tried it- the view overlooking the Bay may be worth it.

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