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Kids Gym Berkeley

  • Location: 2920 Seventh St. Berkeley, CA 94710

  • Phone: 510-845-9787

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours:  Mon- Fri 9am-6pm, Sat & Sun 9am-7pm


Description: Kids Gym Berkeley (formally We Rock The Spectrum) is a fun place for kids of all ages and activity levels! As the original name implies it is a place that children from all across the spectrum can feel comfortable and happy playing at- and parents can feel good about unleashing their little rascals loose to enjoy the fun. There are two big rooms with all types of touchable, bounceable, climeable, swingable, slidaeable activities that kids can go nuts on! We went for our friend's birthday party (which is nice they have separate rooms for you to host your party in) and the kids were running around going crazy- but it's ok! That's what it is literally for and you can let them. My daughter went down a rolling pin type slide ten times, and then on to the next one! She was swinging from a hanging ball on and off for about twenty minutes. Then jumping on giant trampolines, followed by gliding down the zip-line multiple times. I could barely keep up to where she darted to each time but it was ok, you really didn't have to. There are so many activities in the two big rumpus rooms that they will be so excited to try everything from slides, to swings, to trampolines, to rock climbing, and zip-lining- it's all exciting fun! They even had little swings for our baby. If your child needs to mellow out there are other activity rooms for reading, Legos, puzzles, drawing, and resting. So many choices in one place- your child will love it!


Highlights: This place is all indoors so it is a great rainy day destination. Sometimes it's a head scratcher about how to get your children to run off their energy when it's wet outside (we used to make our daughter run up and down the aisles of Target)- but this place is a much better solution. If your child is active like mine, they are gonna go bonkers for all the physical activity options. The other great thing about this place is that all the  kids in the open gym areas are basically playing together. They are taking turns and sharing with kids that they don't know and they don't care- it's a great social experience.


Tips: Their website has updates about how busy the outlook for the day is- I'd check in with that if you are hoping to avoid the crowd.  Also if  you are going for open play they have pretty reasonably priced passes to purchase for multiple sessions.

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