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Vision Quest Safari

  • Location: 400 River Rd, Salinas, CA 93908

  • Phone: 831-455-1901

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$$$ (On Groupon from time to time)

  • Hours: Overnights


Description: If you are looking for an adventure when you visit Monterey, look no further than Vision Quest Safari! For a unique type of overnight experience, this place has what you are looking for. There are only 8 dwellings for this Safari style bed and breakfast. Each tent cabin comes with it's own unique decor, each one themed after a different animal (Bears, giraffes, elephants, etc.).  Each tent cabin is a full on room with electricity, TV, bathrooms, refrigerator, full size beds, hardwood flooring, and outside decks but the sides of the cabin are made of canvas for a more Safari like feeling (if it is windy, the canvas makes a lot of noise). After you check in you can get a chance to meet some animals up close and personal as trainers walk them through the area. In the morning your breakfast is brought to you by an elephant who you get to feed and pet- it is very sweet! For your child who loves wild animals this is the perfect treat. After you check out you get a complimentary tour of the Monterey Zoo as they call it- which is where all the animals are. But the best part is that you can view some of the animals- elephants, zebras, and ostrich at any time from your cabin deck or one of the viewing decks. There is a large elephant play yard where you can sit back and relax and watch the majestic creatures any time you want to!


Highlights: The highlight for us was that we got to feed the elephant one on one in the morning when it walked over to our cabin. It was very gentle and eager to eat. All of my family got a kick out of it, including my husband! Also though it is a 20-30 minute drive it is not too far from downtown Monterey, making it relatively easy to travel back and forth if that is where other stops in your destination are.


Tips: Check Groupon before you pay for a night, it is pretty pricey otherwise- but an experience you will never forget none the less! Also if you are counting on using their TV for movies with the family- bring a back up! Our DVD player in the room was out and most of their channels in Salinas are in Spanish. Luckily we brought a small DVD player for my daughter to watch as back up in the evening- when there is not too much going on.

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