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$5 Fridays at Chabot Space and Science Center


Description: Every first Friday of the month you can get in Chabot and Science Center for only $5 -what a deal! Chabot Space and Science Center is located up in the Oakland hills amid towering trees. The walking trails surrounding the Space Center are very beautiful and popular for hiking. Inside Chabot you will find everything to ignite your little space explorer's minds and it's pretty interesting for adults too. The Planetarium offers different shows for you to relax and gaze up at "sky". You are relaxed back in chairs and get to have the trippy experience of feeling like you are exploring outer space from the comfort of your chair. There is a hands on room- only open at certain hours for your smallest astronauts. There is a healthy cafe located on the first floor if you and your explorers are running low on food. In one of the rooms there is the Black Hole experience with colored lights and lasers as well as a crawl through tunnel to disappear in to the abyss. Also in that room is a giant kaleidoscope swirling together many earthly pictures. Of course the Space Center documents every lunar event and you can go watch it or star gazing through their giant telescope. Upstairs there are many rooms to explore. There is a room where your children can get the feel of what it is like to be an astronaut. There is usually a dance floor and adult beverages are offered to make the night feel like a real night out with the kids in tow. Lots of people also attend without kids as well. 


Highlights: The first Fridays have different line ups and lots of interesting activities to explore the whole evening.

Tips: It's dark going up there with no street lights so I wouldn't recommend going up there for your first time on this evening, it's a little scary and unnerving driving in pitch black, up a mountain, with an unknown destination lol. 

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